2002-05-28 03:02:49 (UTC)


I'm back in business. Yep, it took forever to get the
computer acting right....but it's back! Well, I'm no longer
a high school student. Graduation was all good. I didn't
really cry. The only reason I cried was because Kylah was
crying and when I hugged her, I thought about how she was
the first person I met when I moved down here. That made me
kind of emotional. The whole thing was short and sweet. I
had a lot of family come down and see me. My daddy and
cousin came. My daddy got me a camcorder, which I've been
wanting forever now. I got $435 so far....I'm expecting
more from those who couldn't make it. Jarez gave me $300 of
that total. It was tight how he did it too. I got 15 red
and white roses and hooked to each rose was a $20 bill. I
thought that was unique. Flowers and money....what more
could you ask for!??? But anyway, that nite I got a room. I
had a lil to drink too. I had a really good time. We went
to Vamps and that was cool. My original plans for that nite
were to be w/ Leroy, but.......let me get this off my
chest! Alright, he came home for graduation(supposedly that
was the reason he came home) but didn't come to graduation.
Okay!! I didn't see him the whole weekend. I talked to him
on Yahoo Saturday and he said he was going to Atlanta. My
thing is....why come home for something that it obviously
seems that you didn't plan to come to anyway???? He should
have just went to Myrtle Beach for all that. I was mad. I'm
still kinda mad when I think about it. My feelings aren't
so much as hurt by what he did. I think the part that
upsets me must is the fact that he never makes an effort.
Never! It just makes me sick to my stomach. I'm in one of
those kinds of moods when I wish he would get hit by a
Walmart truck. Fuck him! Forget all that shit about caring
forever. I can't and won't care for someone who ain't worth
it! It's a worthless cause. I tried to listen and act
interested....fuck it! He started getting on my nerves w/
all that complaining shit anyway! I figured it out. He
wants conflict and wants someone to be mad. Yeah, I'm
mad....but conflict....fuck you! I can't fool w/ those who
claim to be things they aren't! Ha, trying to change you
only change me....every bruise on my heart you gave
me....never play another day of being your fool! It's
over! *J*