2002-05-28 03:02:25 (UTC)

A slower beating heart

Today was my birthday, im 16 now, yay go me. It doesnt feel
like a birthday, it doesnt feel just right, I feel like
somethings wrong. I realized yesterday that I love kaite,
and I told her that today, a few times, and shes told me
she loved me too, she was so hesitant tonight but I think
she was as nervous as me. Im so scared Ash, but I learned
whos got my back. I had so many people call me today and
tell me happy birthday and how much they cared, its realy a
lot for me, cause I realy didnt think that so many actulay
cared. I dont know what to say, I think im just gonna let
things happen, I just need to stop thinking, and I think im
gonna head to bed, so good night all, and I miss you.

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