Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
2002-05-28 03:00:34 (UTC)

Whilst I remember, a post about The Sims

Music playing whilst writing: "Linkin Park - Papercut"

Like I mentioned in a previous post, Graeme gave me a loan
of The Sims and I spent little time getting to know the
basics before I started creating wacky scenarios. I found a
website which had some incredible Buffy and Angel Skins for
the game. Needless to say I downloaded them and have begun
implementing them into my very own little Sunnydale, except
for the shops and evil beasts. It should still prove to be
entertaining though. I evicted te stupid preprogrammed
families since they got in my way. Since I doubt that
lesbianism is allowed in The Sims programming, I'll have to
settle for some heterosexual wiccan activities. Oh well,
c'est la vie. Right now all I have done so far is put
Spike, whom I had to call William Spike because I can't
just have a first or last name for a family member and the
Summers (consisting of Buffy, Dawn and Joyce. Joyce lives,
as do other fatalities, for the purpose of numbers. No
consitancy here). When I get their lives on track, I'll
impliment other favourites such as Jenny Calendar and
Rupert Giles. Maybe even Lorn (the Host if I got his name
wrong) will make an appearance as a stlye guru with his own
swingin' pad.

Update 28th May 2002: Created the Harris family with Xander and
Anya. True they never got married but I don't have a male/female
family yet. Not sure if its possible to program them to love each
other immediately so I'll just have to try and make them love each
other. Spike lost his job and is runing low on money.

Update 29th May 2002: I have created Rupert Giles and Jenny Calendar
and given them placements on Sim Lane. I haven't built a house for
them yet so nothing happening there so far.