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2002-05-28 02:45:24 (UTC)

Chill out father. Geez you can't be helping yourself any...

Music playing while I write this: "Linkin Park - In the End"

Father went to johnstone today to get groceries. He told me
to get my dirty clothes and put them in the wash basket. He
also apparently told me to put them in the washing machine
and turn it on so the clothes'd be washed when he came back
so he could hang them out. I never heard this. Either he
thought he told me but didn't or, more probably, I was told
but never registered it in my mind. I notice this happens a
lot. The being told something then when I'm enquired about
it later, never remebering ever being told the original
information. I'm not sure why though. it may be that
subconsciously I forget information that I find negative or
unbenefitial to me. or maybe its something physical, I
don't cosider it relevant enough to ask a doctor about.

So he comes back from Johnstone a few minutes after I came
out of a shower (I had just dyed my hair again, just a re-
application of my favourite colour, Cyber Purple) so I'm
drying myself off and he starts his usual moany-face
banter. Of course he makes sure it's loud enough to pass
through the house so I have to listen to him. Of course
this means that the neighbours can hear too. Infact I think
that Louise (mother upstairs) heard it clearer than I did.
Having grown up in such a hostile environment, I've learned
how to phase out the shouting and unpleasantness. Another
weakness of mine? I think so, maybe others don't but I
consider this a great weakness. I seem to have a lot of
weaknesses. I'll list them in an entry soon.

Anyway, back to the point, he moans, I turn up the volume
of my computer so it drowns out most of the sound of his
whining and I go about my business. Graeme gave me a loan
of The Sims and Command & Conquer Red Alert 2: Yuri's
revenge, this was the business I attended to. I'll make a
seperate post regarding my Sims process. About an hour
later, father started dinner and I needed a drink of Lemon
juice. I went into the kitchen and as always, father acts
like he didn't go Super Saiya-pissed off just a short while
ago. It doesn't bother me though, I'd prefer he forget the
trivial faults of mine and be in an apparent happy mood
sometimes than be in a constant low mood.

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