Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
2002-05-28 02:34:14 (UTC)

I jus wanna be wit him

I jsu wanna be with Garrett thats all. I had the best day
of my life today, I spent the whole day wit him and i got
to 2nd base wit him. I love him so much, and i was jus so
sad when he had to leav. I love evorything about him, the
way he tastes, the way he looks, the way he smiles at me,
his eyes, evorything. I jus did'nt want to leav him. and
then he called me a litle while ago and was like crying
because he was so sad he had to leav me. Jus like me he had
realy bad experiences wit girls( i mean i had bad shit wit
guys)and he was jus so sad that he had to leav me because
he knew i really cared about him. Girls used to use him and
he ju was so happy that he finally had someone that cared,
i do, i jus love him so much and i was so sad when i had to
leav him. I was like crying when he left, before when i
knew he had to leav soon i jus held on to his hand and i
did'nt wanna let go, i jus held on. and he jus looked in my
eyes and we both knew we did'nt want to leav each other, i
thought it was terrible how he jus had to go. I jus was so
sad when he had to go, it was unbarable. i wish i could jus
be with him rihgt now, ii'm getting so depressed now i gtg
now, mabe cut myself.

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