Little Girl Scout

Strawberry Gashes....
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2001-06-12 16:44:08 (UTC)


today has been so weird....
matt was beginning to scare me with his insesant
flirting ....and now im going out with Andy :) which makes
me really happy....except for the fact that matts starting
calling me names and is extremley jelous (not meaning to
be vain....) and acts like he really hates me.....which i
dont knoe if he does....he just sent me a txt msg saying
"you 2 faced lying cow, it broke my heart to see you with
andy, i understand you like him better but i love you even
tho im boring and ugly, im just jelous."
which really confuses me cuz he calls me names but says he
loves me....and now i feel really really bad...but i do
really really like andy....and even tho i did say to matt i
didnt think id ask andy doeant mean im not allowed
to does it?god...iv had a great day....but a really
upsetting day too....*sigh*
its just to much for me....
Little girl Scout....