¤*°- My Own lil Hell -°*¤
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2002-05-28 02:19:27 (UTC)


Geeeez! Family sucks and so does homework. I have to do
this stupid essay to do. School is really pissing me off.
Im glad I met Adam. Im talking to him now. Im really glad
that I can trust him with this stuff. I cant wait til he
comes in again.. Mom and dad are being dumb. They think Im
not even here. Hello?! I AM alive here. They were in the
other room talking about all this stuff that THEY want me
to do, all this shit about Colleges and stuff. About how "I
need to study more" grrr. Shit like that pisses me off. Its
my life, and Im gonna do what makes me happy. I wish I was
like already outta school and everything so that I could do
whatever I wanted to. I walked upstairs eariler and mom and
dad were talking about how they shouldnt have had kids.. I
guess they thought I was outside or something, but I
wasnt.. So I got pissed and walked around town from like 8
til about 9. I guess its better to run away from my
problems than to let them build up inside me and then do
something stupid, right? I dunno but I just thought I would
write again... Oh yeah, NEWS FLASH! Im a bitch. lol Like
thats new... Whatever!

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