Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
2002-05-28 02:17:36 (UTC)

University's gonna be a killer so...

I need to sleep right. I'm still suffering the out of phase
sleeping problems that have been afflicting me and I woke
up around 12pm. This is slightly earlier than usual, being
about 2 or even 3pm. I can't explain why or even begin to
think what it was that started this erratic sleep but its
became very annoying. Anyway, I'm losing focus on the
events of today. My father shouted me out of sleep and told
me that someone was on the phone. This was strange since
everyone calls me on my mobile and usually message first.
What was even stranger was that the person on the phone was
a woman! I don't know any women. Well women significantly
older than I am. As intruiged as someone who was just
abruptly awoken can be I answered the phone. The biggest
anti-climax I have experienced for months awaited me. It
was some woman who wanted my details for a credit card I
had applied for online. Capital One I think. Even though I
had given my details over the net, they still phoned me up.
I considered hanging up but realised she'd probably phone
back. Anyway, a credit card would be nice, if not just to
have another piece of plastic in my wallet. Plus it was
sort of nice to talk to someone other than an immediate
member of my family. Oh how Marge Simpson of me. Next event

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