Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
2002-05-28 02:14:39 (UTC)

Before today's events

Recap time. Since my last entry about 3 weeks ago, not much
has happened. What has happened has been weird. Anyway,
about a week ago, maybe a week and a half, I can't remember
exactly, my friend Sarah (finally, I knew since like
February last year) admitted that she was a lesbian.
Favouring my method of random text messaging, she told
EVERYBODY (but me it seems) in her phone book and then
deleted all her contacts. Of course she didn't contact me
for some reason, probably because I already knew, and the
next day I message her randomly about something, my
attrociously bad memory makes me forget what it was, so she
sends some baffling apology. the next morning she begins
some blitzreig of messages mentioning all sorts of weird
stuff. She accuses me of pretending to be me and says bad
stuff about her sister's boyfriend. It has nothign to do
with me but she just keeps on sending. I haven't replied or
even sent a message asking if shes better now. She went to
see Christine's mother (she's the family doctor) but I
never enquired as to how it turned out. Maybe I handled
things all wrong but I don't have any experience in this
sort of things so anything I did could be very wrong. Thats
all about the Sarah thing I know. Now, on to todays (Monday
27th May).

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