Days Of My Life
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2002-05-28 02:11:14 (UTC)

Monday May 27th, 2002

We Had No School Today!!! :) Memorial Day! Wo0o0o0o0!!
Haha..Well Anyways Today I had Tommy come over! He picked
him up around 2. Then me n him walked around a little
bit..we went to the park and we called Korena to see if she
was home but she wasnt :( so we went back to my house. My
grandparents came over and by then it was time to eat. So
we got our dinner and ate. My grandpa harrassed Tom! lol he
told him Tom cant wear a hat in the house infront of a
lady! urgh!! I cant believe my grandpa said that!! Then he
harrassed him by asking him if he was grouchy!! grrr my
grandpa made me so mad today!! and all my gramma did when
she saw me n him was smile n laugh n walk away!! GRRR IM
NOT 2 yrs old anymore! I can b with a guy!! n hold his hand
etc. So when they left!! Me n Tom went for another walk..we
walked around the neighbour hood then back to my house and
we took pictures...then it was 8 and my mom brought me n
Tom to his house. I stayed there for about an hour n a
half!! once again it was great! I love being at his house!
and for some reason his parents love me!! hehe I dont even
talk im so shy!! hehe :-P! well then 9:30 came around and I
had to go :( so I left his house and came home!! well it
was a wonderfull day besides wut my grandpa did GRRRRR!!!

*~*I Love Tommy*~*

Tommy- I Love You Baby! (2)

Btw: By the way- the dates fucked up!!! my date at the top is the
real date not wut it says!! piece of shit :-P hehe!