Diva For Christ
2001-06-12 16:05:21 (UTC)

Tuesday June 12,2001

I am working on losing weight. I have exercised once this
week and hope to continue. My mother in law is giving me a
headache. I hope national city recieves a payment soon.

I loved watching Anne of Green Gables the other day it took
me back to the good ole days.

I feel I have been watching too much tv lately. I decided
to not watch the tube for as long as I can.

Dear Lord,
Thank you for the many blessings you have
given to me. Thank you for dieing for my sins that I might
enter heaven someday by your grace. Please forgive me of
my sins and help me to grow stronger to you each day. God I
love you , Jesus I love you, Holy Spirit I love you with
all of my heart.