What's going on....
2002-05-28 01:13:20 (UTC)


I'm trying out these online journal things, I've tried
other ones but they haven't given me any luck! :) So we
will see if this works out. Ya, not promising that this
will be very interesting lol just a buncha of random stuff!
Well this long weekend was pretty cool (hung out with Tania
ALL WEEKEND!), Friday, I had some people over... Mike, Bob,
Pat and Mistovich and Justin showed up later. We just hung
out, talked, played pool, watched Bob and Justin eat dog
treats, and ended up at Taco Bell. Taco Bell...
yum! ::sarcasum:: :) It was fun cuz me and Mike just
chilled out in the parking lot while people ate since we
don't really like Taco Bell like someother people -
::coughBOBcough::. Saturday, I just chilled at home and
watched some movies. Sunday went to see my aunt's new
adorable puppy, it's sooo cute! :) And also had the most
terrifing encounter with a HUGE spider... gross! Today,
watched the 'Trading Spaces' marathon, literaly ALL DAY
which was so much fun! (Currently still watching it) lol If
you've never seen the show you gotta watch it... TLC ch.
54! Awesome show! :)
Well that's enough rambling for now, I gotta go finish some
homework for school tomorrow!

'Strokin' by Clarence Carter :)