2002-05-27 23:04:03 (UTC)

My Saturday night. It was horrible.

MnM2o05: So i get there {parking lot} and my mom
sees beer. She's like "There;s alcohol here!!" flipping out
and I was like "Mom i dont even want to get drunk" so she
like let me stay...I was hanging out with Joey and *****
wanted me to go get cigarettes with him...
MnM2o05: So I went with him and we like sat in the
parking lot and I was telling him how guys fuck with my
head and the whole virginity experience was one of the
worst experiences Ive ever had and then he like forced me
to kiss him...
MnM2o05: That pretty much sucked so I went back in
and like **** got all pissed off because he might be
getting kicked out of the band
MnM2o05: I get back inside and everyone is
like "Melanie your mom is here" So Im flipping out, she's
flipping out, everyone is flipping out and then she gets
mad but lets me stay
MnM2o05: After that, I saw *a cool friend* and he's
a cool stoner guy so I was like "Hey wanna go smoke pot?'
and he said that he didnt have any and I told him that I
did. So he had to leave but he told me to smoke with *a guy
now an older brother figure*. So I smoked with ****** and
the first person that ever got me stoned walked in!
MnM2o05: So that was really cool cause Im a 15 year
old chick smoking with 25 year old guys.. It was great and
****** like stood up for me, it was cool... I lost my
Powerpuff girl lighter..when I walked out of where we were
smoking my ex was there so that kinda sucked, but then I
started talking to this hot guy and he was stoned too so it
was cool
MnM2o05: and my legs went numb
MnM2o05: So it was almost decent... The end of the
night was good until my mom picked me up and realized that
I was stoned
MnM2o05: Yea I cant remember this guys name but he
was really cool and I know people for sure are going to the
winery on friday and he told me to go, so I am prolly

Okay, so I edited the convo for names, and left the story,
but it's all there. I could get more into the whole story
with the guy that basically forced me to kiss him, it was
horrible and I don't want to go there. If you really want
to know, leave me a note.

{End of Entry, Feeling still violated}