Reality Bites
2002-05-27 22:21:26 (UTC)

TV stars

Yesterday Mia and I went to go see the new Jennifer Lopez
movie 'Enough'. It was really good, it was very edge-of-
your seat. We were so cute, we dressed very Bob Dylan Hippy
like and looked really cute and got many good comments.
Although the movie we saw didn't exactly go w/ our look of
the day. Then we went and visited out hot friend Marc whos
a couple years older than us at work at this cute
resteraunt and then we went to her house for like a couple
hours.We took showers and got ready and then Gabe picked us
up and we went out.

It was really fun we went to the lake and everyone was
there. I saw all these people I havent seen in forever and
we all just chilled and whatnot until like 12. Then Gabe,
Me, Mia, Zach, Casey, John, and Kevin and I all went back
to Mia's and hung out because we had the house to
ourselves. There was some obscene things going on with
whipped oh god it was SO funny. I wish Luke was
there tho! I talked to him b4 we left for the lake and he
said he called me at like 7, but I wasn't home. He went
with Rob and all them 2 a baseball game then they went and
played some basketball or something. He was going to his
friend Jimmys and he said he'd try to call my cell sometime
durring the night, but he didn't, oh well, he'll probably
call me tonite. I really like him.

Today Mia and I went and picked up her mom at the airport
and we saw this REALLY hot guy and anyways he came up and
asked us if we wanted to be interviewed for the news, so
we're all, 'SURE!'. He asked us some questions about how we
like the airport and whatnot, and anyways it was so
funny..we'll be on TV tonite! haha oh god. I better go, I'm
tierd! I'll write later or probably tomarrow...xoxo