The lost little girl
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2002-05-27 22:16:54 (UTC)

ah, another day like the rest

today is memorial day. me and chris went down to the center
of town to see the parade, or what we thought was a parade.
it was more of a ceremony...a couple of people in a line,
nothing too major. there was actually some poor kid who
passed out from the heat in the band. we tried to see who it
was but we couldn't get close enough. we saw a couple of
people we knew but not enough to keep us busy. so we went to
eat breakfast since we were both up a lot earlier than we
should have been. and actually liz wolf came and ate with
us. so we had SOME company...
i hear that the OM team got back ..if you don't know. the OM
team from the high school i went to won the regionals and
state competition...so they went to nationals. i just want
to say that how ever they did, you guys are awesome and you
should never forget that :)!
i don't have a lot else to say. my arm still hurts from my
"retard moment" at steve's ..god i'm dumb. anyways..i'm
gonna go...i don't really have a reason, i don't feel that i
should go..but never the less i will. it's one of those
things when you just don't give a damn anymore. you know?
well..i hope you do or i'm REALLY gonna feel dumb...sorry
..just got up for a minute..mom is making me homemade onion
rings...good..but very very hot. she makes beer
battered...but she makes it with an O.V. split...if you
don't know that kind of beer..don't worry..it's not a very
good kind...i topped off the bottle she used and i didn't
taste much....but i guess if you aren't into beer in the
first place, it would be the drink for you. i'm a mixed
drink girl myself..oh look at me ramble..anyways...i am
going b'cuz...well no..i still don't know why..but i will
talk to you soon enough ..i love you - janie

daily quote:
"look left..look right...then walk,GOOD TEENAGERS"- Wanda's
mom " Cry Baby"