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Matt's Whining and Bullshit
2000-12-31 06:23:10 (UTC)

Hi, I guess since Matt started..

Hi, I guess since Matt started with an intro., so will I.
I'm Shanen Lloyd of Howell NJ and I go to FTHS. Oh yea, I
am dating the greatest person ever too.

Today was just one of those..."lay around the house n watch
made 4 tv movies" days. I am very happy for this winter
break, b/c it was well needed. Between
so much freakin hw that it doesnt fit in my bookbag, some
stupid projects in...lets see...(counting)...all my classes
but algebra, and basketball, I was pretty exhausted.
Whats weird about this year is...the changes I guess. Not
changes as in harder classes, and more freedom and stuff,
but the people.
Like...last year it was so different, my friends and I..we
were so soo much closer. I took for granted being able to
see all of my best friends all day long, eat lunch with
them, and get home early enuff to hang out.
For example...a friend of mine, Jennie. Well last year we
talked on the phone practically every single night, we
always hung out everywhere, and in school we saw eachother
and talked to eachother all the time. Now I rarely see her,
pretty much never talk with her, and something about her is
different...itz like every since starting h.s. a part of
her died, the part of her that made her dunno
how 2 put it. and then therez other andrew n
corey but i'm not going to get into that.
But this year is definately not all bad. I would never be
able to go back to last year knowing that therez someone as
perfect as Matt Sharpe out there. Even tho i didnt realize
it then, n i seemed happy, i realize now that i feel, well
i feel complete with matt, and if i went back to 'before
matt' times, it wouldnt be the same. I love Matt so much.
Well this entry is finished, i'll add more thoughts soon

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