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2002-05-27 21:57:26 (UTC)

1st entry

hey....i recently lost my online dairy that was on a had to be closed (the whole site). i'll miss the
phoenix. may it rest in peace *dramatic moment of peace*
okay, any way.
i'm still home alone, dad and sister shoulc be calling
soon, and when they do, it'll be 2 more hours till they get
home. i'm so glad they let me stay home. actually, my dad
TOLD me to stay home. yayayaya!
i wanna see thursday's new music video (cross out the eyes)
but i can't find it. grrr....also waiting to see jimmy eat
world's new one on thursday.
ya for summer vacation...i get the feeling this'n will be
pretty boring. oh well, not new news.

i'm in a pretty good mood right now. content. :) yay. hmm
hmm hmm....*sings to "i saw red" sublime*
just chatting and chillin. how i like to spend my day i
i can't wait till i move out...of course that's a few years
from now. haha. i'll get my own place. a small apartment, i
want a town house. i love waking up and not having to face
people first thing. ugh,...i hate that. only thing i'm
concerened about, is having money for a computer and
internet. that reminds, i need to get a lack of
sufficient funds is pathetic. i talked to scott (the music
whore)lastnight and now i have an even longer list of cd's
to get. dun dun dunnn....i need a job.
well, about all to be said for now. adios
(aka goober)