nfinite empyrean

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2001-06-12 12:48:15 (UTC)


last night i talked to him ....i mean it was a cool
conversation and then i told him how i missed sex with
him...i just hope that he do not think that i just missed
that about him....i miss everything about him...that just
so happens to be on my mind alot since i am not having sex
with anyone else....i don't know i think maybe i should
just stop talking to him on that level because i
might be hurting myself in the long run...i mean he might
get with this girl and he might forget all about me...i was
thinking that maybe i can talk to him and get on with my
life at the same time...but i don't know if i am strong
enough for that....i mean when the day comes that he tells
me that he has found his one ...and they are together
will really hurt maybe i should just spare my hurt
and cut ties...or start not giving a fuck...but i
cannot ...i am a caring person...people tell me that i care
just a little too much ...i don't know....i know my boss is
worried about me...i think i might go in early just for i
can talk to her...she has turned out to be most
helpful...even though she sometimes gets on my nerves....i
love her....i guess she is on the friends list ...well i
gotta go take kies to his dentist appt....speaking of...i
will write another entry regarding him...ttfn

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