mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-05-27 21:24:43 (UTC)

sick feeling......

it is mon. memorial day. I am at work,and i feel sick to my
stomach. I have been feelin this way for almost 3 weeks
now. Lisa is still not talkin to me & I am very hurt &
confused. I have done nothing wrong, yet she insists that i
am cheating on her. I love her with all my heart , but how
do i convince her that i have done nothing wrong? My
children & my job are in Ct, 85 miles away from where i am
living with her , and that means that i am away in ct 6
days a week. I dont like being away this much, I wish i
really could find a way to be with lisa & her kids more ,
but what am i to do ? i come to ct for my job 5 days a
week, then 1 day just to be with my kids. I see my kids on
wednesday & sunday, and that is it . I goto work & come
straight home. If I am late, she immediately accuses me of
cheating on her. I have been getting stuck in construction
traffic the last 2 wednesdays that i have been in ct, i
swear that i am not cheating on her. it normally takes me
about 1hr 15 min to get home , but these last 2 wednesdays
it took 2 hours. when i tell her that i am stuck in
traffic, she wont believe me. i hate when she is like this,
i love her to death, but why is she behaving like this ?
Lisa, please come back to me... I Love You !!!!