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2002-05-27 21:20:07 (UTC)

Perhaps a New Crush?

Of course i clciked submit before i typed anything. I
am indeed an idiot. It's these guys these days. Well, at
least the ones i like. U never know if they like you or

It pisses me off. To give so much into a rlationship
and get nothing in return.

I wish I was just in a nice relationship for once in
which the guy cared for me as much as I do him.

See, the thing with marcus nowadays is that I am
pretty sure he doesnt like me. He never calls me and when
I call him, he sounds all monotonous.

We had a fight the other day. It was pretty mad, he
got really pissed and said he hated me and all this other
crap. I was mad too. So I didnt call him the whole weekend
and he ended up not coming over on sunday even though he
was supposed to. then i call him on sunday and he didnt
wanna come.

i was pretty upset about that, even though he said he
would come monday. (today). but i didnt call him to give
him directions. i just dont feel like playing this game
anymore. AHHHHH

So i was thinking, maybe if i developed a crush on
somebody, i can get over marcus. Whaddya think?