the random confessions of a teenager
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2002-05-27 21:18:45 (UTC)

Happy Songs

OK, so I'm listeing to "Desperado" by the Eagles, and I
feel like crying. Also, I've read some other diary entries
and they are so sad and depressing!!! So hear are some
songs that just make me so happy! along with some notes
about some, of course.

Robert Palmer "Simple Irresistible"

Dr. Hook "The Cover of the Rolling Stone" (this song is so
great. i first heard of it through the movie Almost Famous
and i only first got around to d/ling it last week. the
lyrics are so funny, talking about rock stars that "take
all kinds of pills to give us all kinds of thrills," and
the only thrill they've never felt is seeing themselves "on
the cover of the rolling stone."

Paul Simon "Me and Julio" (just a note: many people think
there is a homosexual relationship between the song's main
charactor and the boy julio, and rosie was once part of a
threesome with the two boys. that is not true. there are no
forms of sexual connotations in the song, be it between
julio and the main character or the boys and rosie)

Soft Cell "Tainted Love" (ok, normally i can't stand
covers, as noted in a previous entry at the beginning, but
Soft Cell's remake of the original soul-version is just
amazing. soft cell makes the song sound dirty with very
sexual undertones. and the beats in the chorus
between "i've got to" and "get away" repeated through the
song MAKE the song)

Michael Jackson "The Way You Make Me Feel" (c'mon. you just
can't hate this song. granted, it's an MJ song, but this
song just makes even the least outgoing of us just get up
and dance. just hearing the first line, "hey pretty baby
with the high heels on, you give me fever like i've never
known" makes you smile when he sings it)

Rupert Holmes "Escape (THe Pina Coloda Song)" (yet another
song you just can't hate. tells a story about this couple
that are starting to get tired of each other. the woman
places a letter in the personal column, and the man
responds to it, not knowing it's his girl. they arrange to
meet and they realize that they didn't know many things
about each other, especially those things sung in the

Bryan Adams "Summer of 69"

Adema "The Way You Like It" (this isn't a generally happy
song, but I always just rock out to it...great songs, such
truthful lyrics. you should definitely read these lyrics if
you don't want to download them. go to songmeanings.net or
google.com and typer in "the way you like it lyrics"
or "adema lyrics" you won't regret it. this song gave me a
new outlook on life, as cheesy as that sounds. i could
write three pages on this song. seriously. GO HEAR