Thoughts arrive like butterflies
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2002-05-27 21:17:36 (UTC)


hae no one to talk to, everyone is offline, so I'll ramble
on, as I did in the good old days.

I read today about a girl who used chtrooms to pickup guys
to have sex with, and she was found dead. She was only 13.
What a life...all that excitement for one little girl.
Bitch, I'm glad she died.

Ready for a story??

"Okay a 13 year old girl was killed..

Christina Long, a 13-year-old altar girl and a co-captain
of the cheerleading team at St. Peter Roman Catholic School
in Danbury, Conn., where the principal said she was "a good
student and well behaved."
But in the evenings, the authorities say, she logged onto
the Internet using the screen name LongToohot4u and the
slogan, "I will do anything at least once." In her bedroom,
the police say, she used her computer to troll chat rooms
and meet adult men for sex, her marital status listed
as, "i might be single i might not be."
Early Monday, Christina's body was found in a steep ravine
off a country road in Greenwich. She had been strangled,
the authorities say, by a 25-year-old Greenwich man she had
met in one of those chat rooms.
The man, Saul Dos Reis, had had several sexual encounters
with Christina, the authorities say, before killing her
Friday night and dumping her body. The police say they
found the body after he confessed.
The United States attorney, John A. Danaher III, charged
Mr. Dos Reis with using the Internet to entice a child into
sexual activity, and the authorities say that murder
charges will most likely be filed in the next few days.
He is being held without bail, and a bail hearing is
scheduled for Friday. His lawyer, Harold James Pickerstein,
who was appointed by the Federal District Court in
Bridgeport, would not comment.
The police said Christina used many provocative screen
names and routinely had sex with partners she met in chat
rooms. Her online profile includes photos of her that
hardly resemble the tomboy image in those released by the
She recently met Hot es300, a screen name the authorities
say Mr. Dos Reis used, referring to the model of Lexus car
he admired. Mr. Dos Reis is married and works at Cafe
Brazil, a restaurant in Port Chester, N.Y. His Web page
describes him as "always up for adventure."
The case has caught the attention of Congress. Yesterday
the House of Representatives voted, 396 to 11, to broaden
the power of investigators to seek wiretaps for suspected
sexual predators. In Danbury on Monday, there was a meeting
to discuss the incident with parents and students at St.
Peter School, which has 280 students, from prekindergarten
to eighth grade. Classes were canceled.
Christina, a sixth grader, had lived for the last two years
in Danbury with her aunt, Shelly Rilling, her legal
guardian, neighbors said. The police said she dropped
Christina at the Danbury Fair Mall on Friday night and then
called the police when she did not return. Officers went to
Ms. Rilling's home and in Christina's computer, the police
say, they found recent e-mail messages that they traced to
Mr. Dos Reis, including messages about a meeting planned
for Friday. Christina's parents could not be reached
yesterday by phone"

Yeah, and also the Columbine Suicide pictures were
released, and I must say they're pretty damn cool.

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