Realizations of a 24yr old convict
2001-06-12 12:00:31 (UTC)


So yes the entrys do seem to be getting strange or away
from what I usally speck on but as I said this really only
captures .00001% of my life so these things are all
realitive,Im good though got back to driving(working out)
and that always makes me feel better running a cycle with
the creatine and It just gives you this limitless drive and
you just throw mad extra sets into what ever you where
doing. Dont be decived though Im not big at all.
Just cock strong,its an expression they use in the joint
for dudes who can throw more than they look like.
Anyway shits way good Im comfortable in this little life
Im living now just stacking cash seriously the bank acount
is growing and downloading mad amounts of tunes.I really
just feel like Im just passing the time anymore or like Ive
got a chance to build some stuff up before we run it back
with the world.like while I was down there was no way to
build for the future except tyo plan and gain all the
skills I could find and all the knowledge books and poeple
could give but now its like part two where Im just stacking
credentials and money and meterial possesions.
I guess this is most peoples lives though its really kinda
sad people dont strive for more. Like I work 60 hrs a week
and have my family near by my neice whos my love and joy.
And i do the social thing but theres more than this this
isnt a life for any of them its just passing the time till
they die. I gotta see it and know it this world and I
gotta smash and have loves and romantic storys and feel all
there is to feel during this trip on earth. I gotta check
out all these peoples lifes have you ever seen those dudes
that swim with sharks like its cool to know poeple do that
but what do they feel what do you think when big ass sharks
swim close to you. I wanna know I wanna know when they jump
from planes what is that? How does it feel how does it
change your perspective.
Anyways I was talking with this girl tonight Id left
this Ska cd at her house and her and her roomate finally
played it and she was like what in the fuck is that?
We have a rad relationship me and this girl I talk about
things she has no Idea about and she talks about things
I dont care about. Its weird though cause she doesnt really
care about anything I talk about she just thinks Im
entertaining when I speak or get onto anything heavy with
anyone.But she doesnt know of what we speak or even care
about any of it I dont think she knows how gravity work
just the most simple concept of what goes up must come down.
Its wierd though like I seriously think if she droped a cup
and it fell up and like crashed into the cealing.
It wouldnt really effect her or she wouldnt think to start
to examine the laws of physics or gravity shed just go on
about what ever she was doing like it was nothing to think
about.OR she might hesitate to think "fuck now how is
sombody going to clean that up"but then shed just move
on I mean she probly wouldnt have cleaned it of the floor
anyway let alone the cealing.Anyways the point you ask she
was speaking about the CD and she was like what is that ska
music? I dont know what that is or that other guy you were
talking about when we were on the phone.So of course I had
to ask "I just had to ask" and she said it the guy you were
listening. And then it hit me FRANK baby, the fucking man.
And in that instant it hit me she really was clueless to
every thing.I almost had to ask her if she knew the world
was round?
She is trully rad this I cannot denie. She is
entertaining and funny so funny, half the time Im not shure
if Im laughing with her or at her but we seem to be happy
hanging out.But now and forever after this day she will
always be in my mind the girl who didnt know who Frank
Sinatra was!!!!
OK so some one asked me about Idols the other day and I
was really tired and couldnt seem to scrape one up but that
man right there.Such a class act hes definitly on the top
of the list.
With love and respect