I Debbie...
2002-05-27 19:06:06 (UTC)

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day everyone. My inlaws were in town from
Missouri and Kansas and it was okay. I think I would have
done things alittle diferently had I known what was in store
for us but then hind sight is 20/20. Saturday was okay and
we all went to the xoo after the lunch I prepared. We went
to the store in the AM and got cold cuts and cheeses and
stuff for a vegi tray. Katie our 8 month old niece enjoyed
knawing on the carrot sticks with her two front teeth on her
lower jaw after eating her fare share of baby food. The zoo
was fun though we kind of got there late. Katie liked the
cheetah and the flamingos the est and the lions were
especially active at that time. Ironically Mand J went the
next day and the lions were not even out and the tiger was
awake. We all went to El Paso for dinner and I had the pork
while Brian had the three meat combo. We watched Rat Race
and had to end early "cause our neice was very sleepy.
Actually I think a greaater portion of the adlts were pretty
tired too. We left the next day for the so called Italian
fest in McCalister and it was really bogus. I am ashamed
that my in-laws had to drive so far to see no remnants of
any Italian culture, food, or music. It was beyond pathetic.
I know being a fuul blood Italian means I was expecting alot
but even Brian was diappointed as was Eric. They could have
done so much more. We then went off in search of Eric's
ancestral home in Stuart Oklahoma. Actually it was outsaide
of it but it was actually the highlight of the carride
around southern Oklahoma, besides Braum's. We got back 8
hours after we had left and beyond the two hours at the fair
and 30 mins at the hotel in Stuart, we were tired of the
car. Katie was hungry so she ate and got to stretch her legs
as best she can for her age. We went to On The Border where
we all ate dinner and Eric got to have one of his favorites,
Carnitas. I tried it too and they were really actually good.
But then ever since Mexico I have become part Mexican!!! We
met for breakfast and then they left. Denny's was the least
fun part of the trip as service was horrendous. Part of it
was that he was new but he also had alittle of a anger
problem and there was no one in the kitchen that seamed to
have a clue in their heads.

Brin and I had a restful day. We watched TV and I wrote in
my yet to be published book. We are going to grill some
steaks tonight and maybe M and J will come visit with their
new Motorcycle.

I Debbie