the random confessions of a teenager
2002-05-27 18:32:34 (UTC)

Sheeps go BAAAAAA

Sheeps. They're all sheeps, I tell you. I was at the USY-
Kiryah dance last night. And they're all sheeps. They go
Baa. The all succumb to the shephard of teenage popularity.
I swear, just because Allie and I don't listen to Nsync and
music from the 90s and we walked out when the DJ put on
Ricky Martin, we're treated like the black sheep of the
herd. But thats okay. We took the request sheet and wrote
down all classic shit, Soft Cell, the Meat Puppets,
Bangles, the Doors, Meatloaf, etc. It was so awesome --
right after "Bye Bye Bye" and "Overprotected," the DJ
picked up the request list and started playing "Tainted
Love" (Soft Cell's cover, of course) and everyone but me,
Allie, and one other girl was just like "wtf is this
crap???" haha it was great.

on another note, i was listening to Incubus "Drive" in the car today,
and one line struck me: (i may have misheard it, so bear with me)
something about waivering the right to be one of the hive? if anyone
has the line then please tell me. or at least give me the URL of a
site with the lyrics.

but that line kind of hit me. i was like wow. SO what if I don't
choose to be like everyone else. i mean, yeah I do sometimes want to
fit in, but let me be myself. "be yourself and fuck everyone else,"
as my friend said.

also, if anyone can get my the lyrics to "Desperado" by the Eagles,
I'd love you forever!!! something about that song makes me so sad,
just from the sound and the voice, but i don't even know the lyrics.
hate it when that happens.