Good morning, penguins!
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2002-05-27 18:29:54 (UTC)

Wet paint

We have one class in a different building. It is in the
morning and we are usually the first ones in the building.
They have been working on the stairs and railings recently. We were
climbing the stairs to the building when someone startled me. I
flinched and caught myself on a railing with wet paint on it. This
put black paint on my hand. In this situation, would you:
A. laugh and be friendly
B. laugh, pretend to be friendly, and pat them on the back with the
hand with the wet paint on it
C. push them onto the railing
D. chase them into the building yelling "I'LL SLAY YOU GOOD!

I chose D. This was fun. I then went into the bathroom and tried to
get the paint off my hand. somebody else told me that the teacher
had said this was okay. At one point, it was only working very
slowly, so I went back to class. All the teacher said was "You're
late, M---" in a rude tone. This is not a class where this was a big
interruption. I went right back to the bathroom. I can get it off
my hand, but slowly, and you say it's okay to be doing that, but I
come back for class anyway and all you can do is be rude, I go right
back to washing. I just had to include that part to get that anger
out of my system.

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