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2002-05-27 18:20:27 (UTC)

ADAM!, Jamea, Matt, Chris, Deven, and my GREAT weekend!

........THIS IS GONNA BE A LONG ONE.........

Well... A whole lot of weird things have happened in the
past couple of days.. Friday Jamea came a picked me up to
go to the fire mans parade with her to meet Deven.. Well
during the line up Jamea and I were talkin to some ppl and
drinkin some MHL, (Mikes Hard Lemonade). So we had to run
for like ever to get to the fire trucks. Then while we were
getting on it started moving (MY 1ST TIME ON A FIRETRUCK!
WOO WHOO!) So we finally got set down on top of the
firetruck and went thru the parade. The whole time I was
still lookin for Deven. So anyways, the parade was ending,
and all the other fire trucks were going past us, well me
and Jamea got up on the very top of the trucks and started
signing and dancing in front of everyone. (dur dur dur!) So
after we got off of the truck we went to the Island (the
woodchoppin place) to watch the Firemans Rodeo. I seen
Deven! But I didnt know if it was him, so I didnt say
anything. Jamea and I rode some rides with some little kids
she knew, it was fun. After we rode some rides I went up to
Mike Hart (a guy that Jamea and Deven both knows) and I
asked him if he has seen Deven... and he pointed to
Belingtons firetruck as it was pulling out to go home... I
was soo depressed. I started to cry and I just wanted to go
home! But I didnt. I stayed and followed Jamea around. She
went to talk to Matt and his cousin, Adam.. I went to. And
Im REALLY glad I did. Adam and I got to talking and we
traded emails and everything. Saturday morning Jamea had to
be in the parade because of the band. So I rode in the
Hummer (1st time for that too!) with her dad. I looked and
looked and LOOKED for Adam, but didnt see him.. so Saturday
after the parade we went to the Island to chill and Adam
was there! Yay! It was totally great seeing him again.. but
then he told me that he had to leave and go back home so he
could work. I wanted to die once again.. BUT! (Keywords are
soooo important!) Somehow he talked his mom into letting
him stay until Monday morning (today). He called off work
and everything! It was sooo sweet. Jamea told him about the
fireworks that were gonna go off Sunday night, so we met
again Sunday (duh!)... Ok! SUNDAY is here! I felt bad that
Adam called off work just to chill out with me and
everyone... but Im sooo glad that he did. Island fun again!
I had a VERY weird convo with Adam... We went walking
around, just the two of us.. I told him why ppl do *the
nose thing*, why I was mad at someone for sayin stuff,
about being a virgin *VERY WEIRD CONVO TO HAVE WITH A GUY
YOU JUST MET*, about me getting in all the trouble over the
summer, and just stuff like that..It was soo kewl that I
can trust him with that kinda stuff.. Im really glad I met
him. So we watched the fireworks, they were really pretty.
After the fireworks we ended up going to Jameas.. Adam,
Jamea, Chris, and Rachel (Jameas sis), all rode the hummer
with Jameas dad... and you gotta understand that the hummer
only seats 4. So Jamea sat on Chris' lap and I set on
Adam's. Hehe. So when we got home to Jameas we watched some
movies. Jamea and Chris were on a couch thing just chillin
and Adam and I was on the other one talkin and stuff... *We
had some VERY interesting convos, but Im not gonna put them
on here, so use your damn imagination!* It was really kewl,
until I remembered that Adam had to leave the next day..
DEPRESSION again! He had to be home by 12:30 and it was
like 15 after before he left.. I shouldve made him leave at
12 so he wouldnt have been late, but I just didnt wanna let
him go. We hugged for like ever, but thats ok because I
really liked it. As soon as he left I broke out in tears..
(Can we say loser?) It was horrible. I had to be home
Monday too... So Jamea and I found out what time he had to
leave so that when she took me home, we could stop at his
cousin's (Matt) house to see him again.. (((THANKS
JAMEA!))) So Monday mornin came.. We took showers and went
to see Adam and Matt one last time.. It was so hard to say
good bye... So we were there for about 30 mins or longer
and we just hung out. So after that Jamea and Rachel took
me home.. Boredom sunk in, so I called the neighbor girl
that I babysit and my little cuz and we went thru town to
get some icecream and stuff... I SEEN ADAM AGAIN!!! It was
soo unexpected and sooo weird, but sooooo fucking great all
at the same time! He and Matt were at the firehouse waiting
for Adams mom to come pick him yeah, it was kewl. We
got to talk for a little while, just him and I. I loved it.
I loved all of it... Talking, Huggin, Trusting, and Adam
all together! So anyways, I just made it home and I HAD to
write ALL about it.. and now Im gonna go call Jamea.. lol
So Im outta here..