Muh Life.. Muh Thoughts... Muh Dreams...
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2002-05-27 17:50:50 (UTC)

LiL Later On

Well, I'm in a way better mood... I think I just needed to
rest a little bit. I'm bored outta my mind..
Even though I solved Kim's problem.. I think I made Tika's
worse. I feel terrible. I hope everything works out.
I think outta all the people I hang out with I enjoy having
Tika around.. I mean when it comes to making me laugh..
that girl always finds a way. Then there's Lorna.. even
though we used to not get along too well.. I don't know
what I'd do without her now. She is somebody that I can
really look up to. She's become such a beautiful person
inside and out. (I'm really happy for her N Josh) I have
alotta "family members" mostly bros...I mean there's
Justin, CJ, Chris, and everybody. I'm lucky to have them all. But, I
had better be going..
Later Days