I drink too much... ( and other self des
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2001-06-12 08:44:56 (UTC)


So, an old man gave me a "reading" at a coffee shop today.
Now first, it's important to note that Pittsburgh (the
place where I live) far from what could be referred to as
a "spiritual place" in any sense of the term. He was old
and had some sort of affected name like River or wind. His
english was broken, like most of the teeth in his mouth.
HE told me that my rebellion was going to end soon.
Apparently I'm a rebel because I have a few facial
piercings. I was told that I was horribly depressed.
Insightful, had I not been wearing a Nick Cave t-shirt.
The whole thing continued for a total of ten minutes while
the people that I'd come with sat and laughed. I can't say
that I blame them. All the entire experience left me with
was a profoundly empty feeling, and the conclusion that I
(rightly) beleive in absolutely nothing at all. I've not
an ounce of faith in anything or anyone anymore. Not even
myself really. But that's a different story.Okay fine,
I'll share. I just recently got out of a very bad
relationship. A very very bad relationship. Sure, Colleen
was absolutely beautiful, charming, and possessing of
impecable taste in almost all things, but she was also
fairly crazy. I'm still nursing a host of emotional wounds.

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