2001-06-12 08:01:13 (UTC)

im [email protected]!!!

hehhe... people im back!!!

i was not online for a coupla days coz my home fone
connection got cut off.. but now dat my ever dearest
grandaddy has agreed to foot the whooping three hundred
buckeroos, im back in the game!!

hah.. well, a couple of things happened the past few days..
i went camping with my cuzins for two nites... it was fun
and all.. its been such a long time that we've all gathered
together... eversince g'ma passed away, the whole family
has crumbled.. me and my cuzins, we used to be all so
close.. i was the only girl in the group and they treated
me like a little sister... i kinda miss all of them.. now,
they're all so grown up and all w/ girlfriends... sigh. one
of them is even getting married dis comin november..
i guess its like losing a part of you... i miss 'em...
geez, i am so sappy..

hemz gone to australia.. i miss her.. but i do wish she has
the bestest fun.. i need to talk to her abt some
problems... but i guess i'll just have to wait till she's

two months and two weeks to prelims and i havent touched my
books... damn me. ok ok i will start tomorrow...
procrastinatin's a bitch but, dang! im like over-doin it.

a fren of mine, shahsy, has dis thing goi on with some guy
named mike. i think they're gettin married or
something..shesh.. heheh.. she'll kill me if she finds out
im talkin abt her.. but rest assured shahsy, im only wishin
ya good luck and eternal happiness.. : (shashy is one of
my bestest frens.. ive known her since i was 13 but it
feels like forever.. i still remember the first words i
spoke to her... "excuse me, are u model?" heheh.. we
clicked since then. u might have recalled me mentioning her
in my previous entries.. cept then, she was nicked
'mama devil'....

im feelin darn happy at the moment.. simply coz ive been
off the net for soooo long... friday, saturday sunday and
monday... dats 4 days.. X 24hrs... of torture and torment.
but heck.. im back.

i fought with dy last last nite... it was abit ouch... but
as usual it was my fault. i have dis terrible thing of
turning peaceful conversations into huge fights which leads
to dis period of silence dat both of us hate... ahh, heck.
i dont really wanna talk abt it at the moment.. i get dis
sinking feelin in me so i guess, imma just shush abt it now.
im just goin around slappin my 'bitch'-tattoed forehead...
oh well... sigh.

see, now im not all dat smiling anymore. i guess i better
go now... cyaz..

"love hurts. now, the doctors know me by my first name."

-juz me, niz.