Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2002-05-27 14:11:24 (UTC)

Morning Glory...

Well, tis a fine bloody morn...


I hate doing laundry alone, it's so much nicer
when you have a girlfriend with you. If for no
other reason than to just sit and talk with for
the long miserable boring 2 hours. I miss that
methinks most....

Well, I think I have met a really nice woman.
Perhaps once I finish university this year coming
up in Sept. I will if we've made a connection,
go and ohhhh.... Visit her.

Of course, She and I have more than likely, heard
absolutely tragic tales of internet love meetings
gone awry... But whoknows, it's possible to find
meaningful relationships online. This will be a first.

Although, I doubt it. Somehow, the tragedy of life
will run through and skewer me as it has done a
thousand times before.

If you think about, if you spend a great deal of time
online talking to someone say over a period of say,
a year, would it not make sense that you would have
a fairly good graspof who they are?

I think so. Even if they are not your ideal, one way or the
other. I think that if you invest a certain amount emotional
"I'm out here" ness, then it can be very interesting.

Take for example my friend Kaotik, he met a girl Sera,
who lives in San Francisco, he lives in Oregon, somewhere,
backwoodsy, they spend almost 2 years talking back and
forth, at some point, they exchanged telephone numbers
and talked to each once a month, just to get to know each
others voice. I think it very wise, take things slowly, reveal,
and be honest about things, and though a bit naive on my,
and thier part, take things at face value. I know, I know,
bad monkey mojo, could've been an axe murderer. But
really, I think not. So, anyway, after months of making
plans, calling once a week, finally they decided to meet,
finally. It was great, they live with each other now, and from
the last I heard, it still, was damned good and worth it.

Now what I wouldn't give to have that. Granted that things
are never perfect, I mean K and Sera have had I think, thier
first couple fight, after they'd been together for 7 months?
maybe more, and it was over Kaotic getting plastered the
day before her parent's were showing up to visit for a few
weeks. Heh, heh, it's all good.

Now, this is, I think one of about 4 success stories that I
personally know of. I also know of about a half dozen
"gone down the toilet", kind of online relationships.
It's very weird the way things go sometimes. One blew it
because when they met, they couldn't stand each other,
it was bizzare. I still don't know the entire story but it had
to do with his lewdness and her voice. Go figure.

Another self destructed due to several varied
mis-communications. And I feverently hope that does
not come to pass with yours truly. T'would be
a most disasterous and most tragic state of affairs....

The thing I believe, is that all things can be done well. All things.
I know and you know, I would hope, that it takes a certain
amount of effort of both parties to make things work. It's all
a matter of perspective, and a matter of do you even want what
you've spent a huge amount of time trying to make a go of things.

I think, that the journey one takes, in any endevour, should be
one that is honest, and true to ones own self. I hope the lovely
young woman I am speaking to shares this philosophy, or one
similiar to it. I know, in my heart of hearts, that anything, no
matter how hard, difficult, or easy, should NOT be taken lightly.

Well, enough of my rantings...

I'm sure to have bored a few by now...


I've yet to decide what to make for breakfast... I starve, with
in gracious appetite, therefore I hunger....

Wow, poetry in motion with philosophic meanderings...


Perhaps, some eggs, with cheese, green peppers, onions, a bit
of cayanne, dill, and some....

Milk? Some rye bread or a bagle with raspberry jam?


Sounds like a fine start to the morning...

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