Muh Life.. Muh Thoughts... Muh Dreams...
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2002-05-27 13:55:44 (UTC)

It's Way 2 Early

well... I know this is my first ever entry in this thing...
but I am just gona tel you the littlebit of drama in my
Louis has made my life a living hell.. NO JOKE!! He acts
like he runs my life or something. I can't believe that I
ever liked him
I have been told that I should be a psychiatrist.... I
solved my friend Kim's problem. But, isn't that what
friends r for?
Sometimes I wonder if I'm doin the right thing by giving
people advice...Should I let them figure it out themselves?
I guess I'll find out sooner or later, right?

Well.. here's some basic info about me:

Name: Brynn AkA Brenolio
Loc: Fayetteville.. Chilln In Montcleezy
Skewl: Douglas Byrd..

And I think that's about all ya need to know.

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