Life as I know it.
2001-06-12 07:40:28 (UTC)

crystal pepsi was really good

Ah another fun filled day in my life, okay not really. I
basically went job hunting today, found a few good leads of
which I am going to follow up on tomorrow. But what else
did I do today? Nothing...absoposolutely nothing. Hung
out with Heather is all I did. We smoked a little pot and
watched some movies, and just talked most of the day...we
have come to the conclusion that our lives should remain
boring and have no drama cause life is more fun that way.
OHHH Heather, Jaci and I also -finally- met the cool kid
who lives on the first floor right below Heather...he
always plays -really- good music, im talking like everyone
likes it and oh its just too good....he thought we were
being sarcastic when we leaned over the balcony to tell him
we liked his music and then we had a real conversation and
the such.

Also Heather and I played the longest game of monoploy
ever..we broke the bank and so literally at the end of the
game the bank had NO MONEY. That was kinda fucked up...Im
glad Heather lives here cause she also has the same issues
about falling asleep that I do...in fact we cant.

I really didnt think much of Matt today at all too...whch
is always nice, tho i had dreams that he was fucking all my
friends right in front of me last night and saying he was
sorry about it, but thats the way it had to be. God that
dream horrified me, its all good if he is fucking another
girl but not my friends in front of me, i woke up
physically ill. So I really had no urge to think about him
today...thank god I think my subconcious is trying to help
me forget about him and think of all his bad
qualities....ah the subconscience, tis a wonderful thing
after all.

well after my uh fun filled night, im tired.

Goodnight all.