through the looking glass
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2002-05-27 06:07:45 (UTC)

Im in hell thats all there is to it just wish I knew how to get out

so eric tried to choak me to death today!!! Yes I am in
hell. NEVER move in with someone you dated or let them move
in with you and another roomate things get to be MAJOR
hell. Anyway... so yea Theres alot (almost all) of this
last year I regret I compromised who I am I compromised my
First Love and alot of things. I have to work this summer
here and tie up loose ends hopefully witout making new
ones. Then its off to Chicago with my sister Lexi Whom I
love more than life!!! I have to get out of here no matter
what. Well I know this is a short one but I dont know much
other than I Have to leave This apartment eather way. Talk
to you later Peace