Days Of My Life
2002-05-27 04:37:37 (UTC)

Sunday May 26th, 2002

Today I Went To Tommys :-D!! I went there around 3:00 and
we did the same thing... we flirted, hung out, kissed etc.
it was the best!! Then we went for a lil walk around his
neighbourhood and we picked up his nephew..Jake. Hes so
cute!!! omg!! haha! he even beat up Tom for me :-D! ha!
after that we brought him to Toms house and we chilled
outside for a bit...then we watched tv for about 2 hours
and went back downstairs!! I love his room! when its dark
and the black light on with the strobe light and music! its
the best. and we actually get peace down there! we dont get
disturbed by annoying parents :-P! ha..I Love just sitting
there watching him dance...or watching his lips! i love his
lips!! i love to kiss him! hehe! Anyways about 10:00 Bobby
And Adam came around..they wanted Tom to play ball after they left me n Tom went back downstairs and
hugged n kissed! then i had to go :( my mom came around
11:10..i didnt wanna leave!! i hope he comes over tomoz!
cuz i wanna c em again :-D!! imma go call him!



Tommy- You mean the world to me baby!! imma keep u around
for so long :-D lucky you huh? haha i love you so much
baby!! :-* *Muah* (4)

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