The Nightshade Princess
2002-05-27 03:49:21 (UTC)

In love and war

There has been much news on the physical plane of my
life, yet the emotional one has been blessedly free of
abrupt and devastating change. This is not to say I've not
had my ups and downs, but said mood swings have not
occurred with any frequency nor any particular intensity.
The infection in my left foot has seemingly worsened
again. Father is still too lazy to bother with a doctor.
It seems each time I think this condition is improving,
within the next couple of days it becomes almost worse than
before. Now, my OTHER great toe has become infected,
though for a different reason. I shall spare you the
details, except to say that it has now become an issue and
is more painful than the older infection at this point,
considering also that I've managed, as is my loathesome
custom, to accidentally smack the hell out of it a time or
On another note, Lathan has managed to graduate, and
LesTaT and I were there to watch this. School is out for
the summer, and there is much to be done in my realm.
Changes must be made, doctors called, lost friends
contacted... I am to be a very busy young woman.
Father and I have been peacefully coexisting... until
yesterday. He has other motives for barring me from using
the internet at his home. No matter, I have other
sources... He started comparing me to my brother again. I
thought it best to hold my tongue for the moment, but there
shall come a day when I cannot. It would be wise for him
to realize who and what I am, that he cannot control me in
his foolish ways. My brother has literally smoked himself
stupid, and he only half despises our father (the other
half of him idolizes the man, frustratingly enough) - he is
no ally. I must do this with only LesTaT by my side, and
his companionship means so very much to me now.
These paragraphs almost sound like preparations for
war, do they not? I've had enough of father's cold
indifference... now it is time for some detatchment of my