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2001-06-12 05:23:39 (UTC)

En Media Res

Well, my old diary has been permanently shut down which is
out of my control. I will be posting a website soon so you
can get my personal information, story about me and such.
For now, you get thrust right into my though pattern with
no warning. Warning, this is somewhat like a terrorist
attack. There's no warning and no one knows what happened
till later.

I stumbled upon a new show tonight, it's called Freaks and
Geeks. It's about teenagers growing up in the early 80's
(you know, when I still couldn't talk). Today, the three
kids that are the "geeks" went to a party, with the spin
the bottle and all that fun. This is what I missed in high
school. This is what I want back, but can't have. I'm 20
and still haven't seriously kissed a girl, let alone made
out with one. I had tried once, but that was a disaster
(story for another day). And that one disaster was the
only opportunity I had.

So to all the parents out there that try to encourage their
kids to do all this school activity stuff, to avoid dating
during high school, to keep them focused on "churchly
stuff" (the Youth Minister I work with thinks French
Kissing and Complete Intercourse are the same thing);
anyways, to all the parents out there that encourage this
stuff, don't do it so much. Kids, HS is the time to go out
and see what's going on. It's the time to go to parties.
If you wait on this stuff, you find yourself left alone.
Finding someone my age that is at the same level I am at
isn't impossible, but kinda improbable. Even the "not the
greatest" girls usually have had some experience.

As for me, I am pretty much out of luck. It kind of pains
me to watch things like this happen, but I somewhat like
it. It's that sick, twisted way we like to punish

Now that I got that out of the way, what else happened
today? The execution of Timothy McVae. I would have
rather seen him rot in prison.

Had a meeting today for the Arch-Diocese, some lady used
the time to throw issues at the Cardinal. I hate people
that waste our time just so she can get heard. That's why
they have pens and paper, and postage stamps. If you're
too cheap for that, go to a friends house and use their
internet and a Hotmail account.

So, today was pretty depressing, going to bed early, which
means I'll probably wake up at about 4ish for a little
bit. Maybe another post tonight.

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