Thoughts to Share
2002-05-27 03:11:32 (UTC)

*I'm moving on....*

Thursday night was my first night at work. Well, not
really my first night at work, but the first night at the
shady store in Dunn. I mean...really...the first night I
work I discover that the bathrooms are kept locked b/c of
vandalism, and that people are prank calling the store
claiming to be the police department. And I get to open a
fast-food-type drive-thru window and have contact with
these strange Dunn folks? Riiight. Anyways, my hours are
usually no more than 6 a day, so I hope I can make it. :-/
It wasn't too bad, only 1 evil customer. I hope they don't
hate me...the people I work with I mean. The customers can
never always be pleased.
After work I drove home...in the dark. :-o Not home...to
the McKay house home...but to Salisbury home. Made it
there by 12:15, not bad timing actually.
Friday was Daniel's graduation. It was emotional...for
me. Ha. I was excited that my grandma got to come see
it. I think it affected me so much for several reasons. A-
1) I was so proud of my brother. B-2) B/c I kept
thinking...when I was up on that stage graduating, I had no
idea what was headed my way. No idea there would be nights
I stayed up until 5 AM working on an unknown bacterium
project, nights where I would be studying outside for a
final at 1 AM, the hopeless feeling of despair when your
world seems to turn upside down and all those times you
wonder what exactly are you doing here again. But, I also
had no idea that such wonderful friends could be made...who
would let me cry on their shoulder, no matter what...who we
could get in spats, and still be the best of
friends...friends that can laugh hysterically at anything
and everything. I can't wait for my brother to experience
all those things. The speaker was really good, except I
know that they couldn't hear him. However, he still had a
good message.
Anyways...Saturday was spent doing various and sundry
things. Made a trip to the store at home to sort out some
paper work and pick up a check. I got a raise! :-) I had
lunch with Beth and Blake. :-) I studied for several hours
for my physics test...my brother helped me. Ha. That just
seemed amusing to me. But, he deals better with numbers
and such than I do. :-p
I'm glad I decided to go to church today. I'm always glad
I go...hehe. But, my preacher said..."You're not supposed
to understand everything." I'm just thinking...I wonder if
he could pass that information along to my professors.
That would be of great help. Oh...PS-my grades are messed
up. Yeah, grr...big freakin grr... I will be attempting to
reconcile the situation this week. However, it's becoming
much more clear where I will be next year, and it's not
where I had hoped to be.
Tomorrow..I'll be going to class early, well...an hour
early to take the test that I'm making up from Friday. 3
hours of physics...whew...hope I survive. A cup of
coffe...that's a must.
*Sparkles* returned with me to school day. Didn't bring
the daisies back. That's a bit tragic. :-( Ha...and
apparently Scooby-Doo? He loves cacti.