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2002-05-27 02:46:11 (UTC)

Bad day

I spent the day with my friend Carol and her boyfriend. For
a while i thought her boyfriend was nice but he seems like an
ass to me. He's always making racist comments, sexist jokes
and comments and he seems to be demeaning to my friend at
least when he's out with me. But i think he's different when
he's just with her. I think he's not that mean to her. But
he is a racist and sexist. And looks down on the poor and he
drinks like a fish. My friend is really smart and nice so i
trust her judgment but i think one would have to have very
self-esteem to put up with his shit. And basically if you
have wronged him he is cruel to you. He talks a lot of shit.
I ended up wasting a lot of my money and time. I thought i
was gonna have D to hang out with so i just got to be the
third wheel..yay...good side i saw cute guys:) they seemed
to react nicely to me too...Oh and I saw some old friends who
i don't see that often and they are so sweet. I'm gonna get
together over the summer, they're still in schools ha
suckers! maybe they'll help me dye my hair. Also cause i
was out later than i thought and my parents had to cancel
their reservations for their anniversary, they said it was
okay but i feel really bad. What a waste of time...luckily i
got my dad a birthday present mmmm...chocolate... anyway i
wish that T thinks of me....(I'm obsessed how sad)

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