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2002-05-27 02:29:07 (UTC)

Best Breakup ever

On saturday moring i finally got up the nerve to talk to D
about our relationship. And we both agreed we'd be better
off as friends. He had actually been thinking it as well. We
had been just acting like we were friends and nothing more
and we both grew comfortable with the idea. And so it just
became offical. We are still friends and I have his
blessings to go out with the guy that's his friend. Oh how i
wish i could......the guy of my dreams...but he's not
interested in me. He wants the skinny blond ones. And that
just ain't me. It's depressing, Everyone is so out of my
league. T is just great and sometimes i think he likes me
then other times...it seems like i'm barely in his thoughts.
Hmm maybe he and d talked about me...maybe T really wants to
go out with me....maybe not, cause i'm a loser.


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