2001-06-12 04:54:29 (UTC)

some many things. my mind isnt..

some many things.
my mind isnt clear.
i need you.
i need you near.

so many times before
you were here.
and i didnt want you.
i never loved you.
i used you.
to keep me sane.
in this world.
everyone is so vain.
including me.
including me.

wheer are you.
where are you.
and pettiness.
so much to say
not enough words
for that.
for me
not today.
i was burnt.
you took it all away
but you didnt stay
and it has come flooding back
to aunt
and remind.
youre far away.
my cunt is wide.
left your mark
on me.
i told myself i loved you
i wanted to believe the lie
the lie that you made.
the line that you gave.
and i bought it.
i bought it all.
because i was nieve.
no amount of these drugs will fix it
nothing will heal me.
im become numb...
im become numb to feelings.
if you dont get attached then you dont feel
if you dont hurt, then it isnt real.
someone somewhere
has to understand
and be nie.

im fucked up.heh.