It smells like poop over here
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2002-05-27 01:20:35 (UTC)

it's not meant to hurt you, but let me assure you

i don't even really like sum 41, but they were ok before
they sold out and become huge pop punkers. "makes no
difference" is cool though, so is "grab the devil by the
horns and fuck him up the ass".
i always talk about giulia, but i've been negleting my
feelings for a different woman...rich's sister chris. oh
man, she's all kinds of hot. little pudgy, just the ways i
likes it. really really pretty, and totally cool. i like to
tell rich we're gonna be brothers in law, cause im gonna
marry her. he's like "better you than chad." it doesn't
really bother him that i want his sister so bad. she asked
us to find her a rainbow brite shirt and panties if they
had em. i was so picturing her wearing that. rich was
like "i saw that twinkle in your eye." it was funny, but
they didn't have any at hot topic or gadzooks. i said "rich
tell your sister i could find her underwear." i like to
joke about wanting her, but i really do want her. i think
about her a lot, but i know she's probably just gonna end
up marrying chad, her current b/f that she just moved in
with. they've been together for a while. thing is, i like
chad, he's a good guy and pretty cool. he's cool with me
too, that's what makes me hate him even more. but i don't
really hate him, id just take his g/f.
a while back, i haden't been to rich's in a long time,
and im walking up the way, and chris comes out and
yells, "mike!" and hugs me. oh yeah, she askes, "how've you
been?" i says something like "fine, how are you?" and she
says, "a lot better now that i saw you." total score. rich
said she liked me once, he said something like "i dunno,
she likes you or something i guess." but he meant, like me
like me. i feel like a fucking 7th grader. "oh does she
like me or does she like me like me?" whatever, if you've
got a better way of saying it, id like to hear it. oh yeah,
laura was chilling with me and rich the other day, and when
i was there yesterday, chris asked "who was the girl here
the other day, was that your girlfriend?" im like "no, that
was a friend of mine and one of my best friends g/fs" she
said "i thought i was gonna have some competition" so i
says "no way, it's all you chris." i like flirting with
her, cause she's so hot. other people don't seem to think
so, but she so is.
rich, travis, jay and i went to canada today for a rich
and travis match for OCW. and me, trav and rich were
chilling at rich's last night so we just stayed the night.
i got to sleep in her room, cause it's the guest room now
that she's moved out, it smelled pretty. haha, it sounds
less obsessive when i say that in a funny voice. but in a
earshot or ballpark or whatever, i want rich's sister. oh,
in a nutshell, that's it. but anyway, i love rich's sister,
i will marry her, rich will marry nicks mom and we will be
a band of brothers, step-father and son, and step brother
in law. it'll be great. haha, oh man i want rich's sister.


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