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2002-05-27 01:01:19 (UTC)

I m so bored. I have finals on..

I'm so bored. I have finals on TUesday (Monday is off cuz
of memorial day) and I came back from an obnoxious baby
sitting job. Thesed kids always give me babysitting
nightmares. The little guy (6) named Nick must have PMS or
something I swear. And the little girl is a real princess.
She's 3 and named Kate. These are the people that I had the
diaherra problem with. Ugh.... I don't feel likew writing
it unless you guyz request it and I'll call you. I don't
like the other guy anymore in my last entry, but I do like
this guy named Ezekeil (or however you spell it). Zeke for
short. However, he's moving to Canada. Is it just me or do
I choose all the wrong guys at the wrong time? Maybe I
should tell him I like him on the last day of school.
Something I've never done before. But keep in mind, this is
a diary and nobody in Florida knows I like him. Only
Lubbock peeps. Everything turns into suchj a mess when
everybody buit you tells the guy you like that yoiu like him
(very confusing I know). Especially when I liked Andrew
(All Saints). WHat did I ever