This is me and how my life goes.
2001-06-12 04:22:17 (UTC)

New love continued...

vivid that I woke up crying. He held me and it was really
nice. There are lots of personal things I would like to
share but first i'm going to have to make this a private
journal because I really don't want people I don't know
reading about me. Let me just say... he's wonderful. You can
take that however you please. I love him... bottom line and
sometimes that scares me so much I find myself crying. When
I love a person I dont' just love them. People don't know
that about me. When I love you, it's like I worry about you
day and night, I think about you day and night. Whenever i'm
not with you i'm praying that you are alright. All the
people I love when I fight with them or argue with them, I
can't go to bed without making up or having some kind of
closure. It like consumes my thoughts and makes me cry. My
therapist and I are trying to work on that. When someone I
love is upset and I can't make it better for them I cry. I
cry because i'm so helpless and there is nothing I can do at
that moment. I don't think there is any point in staying
with someone if you can't see yourself with them in the
future. Not saying you guys are going to be together in the
future but really if you can't see yourself marrying that
person at the time that you are dating them, then really
aren't you wasting your time? I've had dreams about me and
Josh in the future, I can totally see myself with him, and
even though I can I definatly don't want to rush anything. I
want things to move as slow as possible. I actually had a
dream about me being pregnant with his baby. Anyway i've
written two pages so i'm going to go no

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