The Thoughts of A Writer
2002-05-26 22:20:46 (UTC)

My Birthday...

My b-day was may 21 and it was sooooooooo great! I got
everything I wanted and I could not ask for more. I am
still hooked to quizzes. I just can't stop. If anyone knows
any good ones, send 'em on over, I bet I have some you
could want to try you. I have to go but I'll write more
later on today. Buh byes!

Okie dokie guys, I'm baaaackk! I'm still hooked on quizzes, I got an
email for a cool girl who gave me tips on where to go (thanks bunches
buddy!!!)I havent checked it out yet, but I will when i have more
time because I know ill get hooked on it and wont be able to stop. I
have to go update and work on my story I did it over so check it all
out. bye byebye