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2001-06-12 04:02:04 (UTC)

really i am writing about last weekend and procrastinating studying

ok i am writing about last weekend and also how i am
procrastinating studying for my class tomorrow night....i
went to drill at about 0530 on thursday morning..usually
the week before and the week of drill i get really
depresses because i don't want to get out of the
comfortableness of home...but as soon as i get there i see
all of my friends and it's all good...this drill we went to
fort knox in that shit was back as country!!
anyways, we had some MOUT(Marines Operating on Urban
Terrain) was sooo awesome!!! it was like a
real town...about 10-12 buildings including a school, some
condos, a church and an emabssy building...there are also
underground sewer systems that we used(i got really dirty
too and there were no showers since we slept out in the
field)thusrday we really didn't do anything since we just
got and spider had fire watch while the rest of
the company went on a night and him really get
along...i actually consider him to be the closet to me in
my platoon...anyway, while me and spider had fire watch we
just bulshitted about things and almost fell asleep!! the
platoon came back and we went to bed...the next day was bit
more tiring...i had to hump the damn radio so i wasn't that
exctied...after a while though it was pretty phat...we just
did some urban warfare practice...saturday we had an
op...complete with orders from command and
we went on patrol and then came across enemy and then
engaged....they had some soldiers(f'in army!!!)shoot
paintballs at us...i had to cross a large foyer once we got
into this one building so my boys had to provide some cover
fire for i was running across the foyer and i
heard the shooting, all i could think to myself was that
this was sooo phat and that it seemed so real to me...i was
really getting into it....i really appreciate times like makes me proud to me Marine....anyways, i got
back sunday finally showerd, ate, and then hit the
rack....i had to take a final today(monday 20010610)i
failed the damn thing since i just got the book today and
all....they ran out of the book and told me that it would
be coming in on thursday the day that i was leaving... so i
couldn't get it until today...sucked but it's no use in
crying over spilled happens.....well, i am tired
as shit so i am going to end this and tell you what i am
doing for my 2 week deployment....figure i should write
about it now and get it out of the way, nah mean??? later