The Magical Toilet Paper Diary
2002-05-26 21:12:04 (UTC)


this week, i had sum very serious momments.

sum r too personal to speak of. let's just say it changed
me 4eva...

i have booboos on my knees!!!!!!!!! wah!!!!!!!!!!
this wekk i wore a skirt that was really tight. i could
barely walk... so i was tryin to walk. ithere was a bump in
the ground. my shoe got caught, and i couldn't take a
step... and then... enough said.
it was imbarassin. these kids were laughin at me. victoria
thought i was joking. and i couldn't get up without havin
to rip my skirt (i didn't rip it though.) i still hav my
booboo. i had to walk around the whole day with these
oversized bandaids on both knees!!!!!!!!

i'm getting glasses!
i'm not going to where them always, cuz i think i look
funny. but i need them for in the classroom.
my left eye is worse than my right. hehehe.
left eye: 175
right eye: 125

it's not that bad but it's to the point where i need

don't laugh if you see me with them on

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