Mysterious Attitude
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2002-05-26 21:06:36 (UTC)

Last Entry UNTIL- May 26, 2002

*Time: 3:49 p.m.
*Wearing: navy blue nautica shorts and a black and gold
saints jersey shirt
*Jewelry/Accessories: the usual
*Hair: down, wet, knotted
*Listenin to : VI3- "Go-Get Her"
*Eating/Drinkin: nothing
*Last Ate: mac and cheese
*Last Drank: water
*Song of the day : "Go-Get Her"- VI3
*Weather: it'z been hot, cold, warm, then hot again lol
*Talking to : Erica
*Mood: magenta
*Thinking: Eh ... what to write what to write...
*Later: Sleep, do homework, write Amanda, and maybe clean

~*~*GEORGE and the PHONE~*~*

I still talk to George at least once a day. One night I
even stayed on the phone with him until 5 a.m. We also got
into various fights. Mostly startin cuz of Erica. Me and my
jealous ass can't handle him talking about her and other
females when he is talking to me. I think he has realized
that 2. He getz sorta pissed at me when I talk about other
guyz or females to. So I guess were even huh?

Adrian was talking to Erica a few dayz ago, and the day
after he wrote me a letter tellin me sum stuff she told him
about George. Like saying George wiped another guy's ass
and let sum dude shit in his mouth, and that George liked
the idea that a guy liked him. Omg, did that piss me off, I
mean damn it isn't true cuz I asked George about it. I told
George about it and he went off 2. He was like man I'm goin
to call her, and I told him not 2 that I would handle it,
did he listen to me? No! I got pissed off and told him not
to call me anymore. Did he listen? No! lol

Anywho, George wanted me to call Adrian 3way. So I did and
he asked him a few questions. Before that I was on the
phone with Adrian solo and he had Erica on the other line.
He didn't tell me that but I figured it out. He kept asking
me why I was mad at her, and every time I said sumthin he
would tell me to hold on and click over. Ohh, did that piss
me off! I was like "why in the hell would I tell u why I'm
mad, if I wouldn't tell her? I mean damn why are u worried
about it, it's not u that I'm mad at is it?" When he hung
up I speed dialed Erica's number, but no answer. I called
again she answered and told me to call her back. When I did
we got into a little fight about her getting Adrian
involved with our problems and shit. Grr... I can't stand
it when sumone does that! I told her why I have been pissed
at her and why I still am till this day.

Eh... thatz enough about them. Next subject booz.


Lou paged me the other night. So I called him back and
talked to him for a little bit. He also sent me his
pictures. He doesn't look anything like I thought he would.
He is sorta big and looks like Bobby. ::shudders:: Damn
voices are deceiving. lol It's all good tho, looks don't
matter do they? He wanted me to call him so we could hang
out but I've been feeling like shit so I didn't. Oh well,
maybe sum other time.


My mom got a vanity, bed, big mirror, and white carpet
from Renee. So we switched the whole house around
yesterday. It looks a little better in here, everything is
actually pretty clean. I lost my wallet somewhere tho, and
my mom chipped my speaker on my big stereo! Omg, I was soo
pissed that I started to cry. I mean damn why does my
little baby gotta get fucked up? :( Oh well, it's about
time to get a new one anywho. I'm glad I had the front of
the speakers off, cuz I can cover the big old chip it has.

I also cleaned out my closet. All I gotta do now is clean
the other side and rearrange my clothes. When summer comes
I gotta clean out our other 2 closets, Im tryin to find the
stuffed animal Justin gave me like....... 6 years ago lol.


He will be coming home from Dyer in a few weeeks and back
to the placement home in Southern Indiana. Then he will be
home after his birthday. I wanna see him so bad! I really
miss him! I can make it a few more months tho I think.


Well, I'm tired of typing and I dunno what else to write
so I guess I shall go bye bye 4 now peace b wild!