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2001-06-12 03:35:41 (UTC)

I give thanks For Charlie

If you've ever had someone in your life who's been
there at the most needed moments and will always be there,
you understand the feeling that i'm dwelling on right now.
I'm so grateful for him, there is very little i wouldn't do
for him. I owe him so much for how much he has done for me.
I don't understand why someone would want to be so nice to
me. I have done practicaly nothing for him, actually, i
have done things that should make him dislike me ( sorry
again if you're reading this), and yet he's still a loyal
friend. I can always depend on him to brighten my day, and
make me feel special ( he is one of the only guys who can
do that). He gives me a spirit, hope, faith, happiness.
Without him, I would be a slave to someone else. I wouldn't
quite live my own life, instead I would be lived. If that
makes any sense. Just today, I had a spat and decided that
i ddin't want to go to my 5 and a hlaf hour anatomy class
anymore. i simply refused to go. It was all thanks to him.
He persuaded me that I should not go anymore, and I am very
glad he did. I can have enough sleep now, and my stress
level has gone down about 300%.
I better go back to vegetating.
~yearbooks are out!!~