the ups and downs of my life
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2002-05-26 20:45:23 (UTC)

havent written in a few weeks

well my last entry was may 6th so i figured i should update

i handed in my grad project onfriday and im really glad
thats over. now all i have to worry about is
finals....englsih willl be hard we have to find a comon
theme in "romeo and juliet" and "great expectations"

well i am mad at jess but she doesnt know. i askede her if
she wanted to do something she said no. then i hear her
making plans with danielle to go see a movie which was
what we were going to do.

also i invited tracy and jess to do something on the last
day of finals and tracy invited danielle to come...and i
dont like her. so now i have to decide if i want to go and
deal with her or lie and say i cant go. i dont know what i
will do .

well i guess that is it. alot more stuff has happened ut i
dont feel like going in to it right now.